Saturday, January 1, 2011


I turned up not knowing about Tajikistan, and after twenty months I knew a whole heap more, and understood a whole pile less.

Tajikistan conjures up a multitude of questions, for which, each answer is in part correct, but smothered in ambiguity. The people are stoic and reserved, tidy, partial to weddings, big meals, and vodka, and love to dance. However, even in the city the day to day life is a struggle, as prices jump, food is seasonal, electricity supply erratic, drinking water is murky, the winters are harsh and the summers are baron. The country is desperately trying to cope with its hardships, whilst trying to forge its own unique identity by building statues, organising parades, constructing grand palaces, libraries, parks and potentially erecting the world largest flag pole. It is a nation of people that need our support in finding its own path to its dreams and aspirations.

Our final week was full of reflection and good byes, a final hash around my first trail, a party with international friends, a final view from a snow capped peak and a bowl of osh amongst the people of Nurobod. So without writing too much we would like to thanks our friends, our landlords, our colleagues, the Tajik people, and the CAMP team who we wish all the best for their future endeavors.


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7) Any additional comment or feedback about Tajikistan from you ?
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Nice and interesting your blog :)

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I was surfing the net. Then, I came across in you blog. Nice to see you again guys!

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