Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Josh decided to bring 15kg of bruised manky apples back from Muminobod, here is a reflection of the consquences:

Core to the left of me
Peel to the right of me
Knifes all around me
But nothing that cuts.

Beery Michael flew the coup
Carly's left to stir the soup
Ursula improvised the cake
Seena appleified the steak

Twenty recipes, ten pair of hands,
A lack of knowledge, booze and pans
Marta recycles 'the' four dishes
Rosemary and apple Katlin wishes

Cedric decants from a kettle
Anna searches for sharpened metal
Leo and Marit cheese do nibble.
Oooh, a worm in the middle

Chef Chenko Josh flies the nest
What we need is a rest
Perched on the toilet I now contemplate
How many apples were there on my plate?

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